Meshivim – A Dead Sea Works Division

The Dead Sea factories separate the minerals in a steaming process that happens in the southern part of the Dead Sea, in front of the hotels. The salt that remains sinks and causes the sea level to rise about 20 cm every year. The rise of the sea level poses a threat to the areas hotels tourism. To In order to balance the sea level it has been decided by the Israeli government, May”a and green organizations to have a “salt harvest”, Mining of the salt from the bottom of the south sea and transferring it to the northern part.

May”a hired us in order to brand the process, the subject was on the public agenda and the public opinions was not good. We teamed up with strategist Atara Bieler and copywriter Tal Berkovich. The first idea we had was to stop using the word harvest- harvest holds in it profit and is perceived to be bad. Instead of harvesting and profiting we changed the terminology to “return” retrieve” (in Hebrew: meshivim=returning). And that is how the name was born, accurate with a message or pioneership.  The logo and brand language were inspired by the reflection of the dessert mountains in the dead sea.

The movie explains that in order to maintain the stability of the Dead Sea and to avoid overflow the government together with the Dead Sea factories, Tamar regional council, hotel owners and green organizations decided on a permanent solution – salt harvest.