ROI Community

It’s nice to remember the first time we met Justin Corda, chairman of ROI community. He told as about the idea of the foundation, an idea that connects young Jewish entrepreneurs from around the world in order to create a better world. The organization gives the entrepreneurs a place to think and discuses, gives them affective tools to execute there amazing initiatives.

In the process the organization gets to meet and guide the next generation of leaders of the Jewish world.

We were charmed; we felt we can contribute, how our experience as a Jerusalem based studio can be of use to us, and how our world of values together with creativeness can contribute to a bigger picture.

Since then we have been working together, on all there many projects they take part in. recently it has been our honor to brand roi , reality organization and the Lynn Schusterman foundation. We work closely with the amazing ROI team, and are looking forward to more challenges along the road.

At the 2012 ROI summit, in honor of the new branding, we created an animated film explaining the concept behind the logo. The chosen technique was soft clay stop motion,  we paired up with animator Dvir Barbda. We approved a story board and started shooting frame by frame, as we were about to finish we got a request asking to incorporate Lynn Shusterman the film. Enjoy.