Basher Fromagerie – branding

For 40 years the Basher family had a small both in the ‘machne yehuda’ market, they served home cooked meals and Eli basher intended on continuing his parent’s tradition.

17 years ago Eli was traveling with his wife in Europe and fell in love with the world of cheese. Eli saw more than just cheese in front of him, he saw a business opportunity, and started importing quality cheeses from small markets and Dairies in Europe.

The small both became a small cheese shop. Eli Basher became the only qualified fromager in Israel (he can identify 300 types of cheese with his eyes closed)

Two years ago he came approached us with his friend Gadi Granot (and his franchise consultant) and wanted a full branding process. We instantly fell in love with him and the culinary wealth of his store. From the beginning we understood how to make people buy more….move them from the logical place to the emotional place: the smells, the flavors, stories of the home dairies and wineries in Europe- remind you of that trip you took with your girlfriend when you where young and there…you’re no longer thinking clearly.


The image we created supports the expertise and wealth that Basher presents (over 1000 kinds of cheese) and is designed in a classic way, 35 types of cheese were illustrated by hand so the image looks timeless- could have been created 20 years ago or in 20 years… that’s our strength- we avoid trends, we go with the brands truth. The brand and its power are our inspiration and the more honest the brand is people will tend to trust it. Yes, like in real life :)

About a month ago Basher opened their 6th store.