Abir Ya’akov Organization Branding

Abir yaakov is a foundation with An innovative approach. It provides medical equipment and medicine around the clock. This project is so special because it is all based only on volunteering. The foundations aid stations are situated in private homes and are operated by volunteers. The purpose of the foundation is that in every street or neighborhood in the country there will be an active branch, accessible and inviting that will help those in need in real time.

At the first meeting with Shimon Betzalel, founder of Abir Yaakov we already knew we would be happy to help him make his idea and messages accessible as he approaches potential donors as well as enlarges the amount of users. We teamed up with marketing consultant Eran Roziavitch and we created a brand that gives the feel of emergency medicine depending on location. The process included clarifying the concept, designing a logo and stationary, creating a wed site, Hebrew and English marketing writing, presentation design, newsletter and donators folder.

And also this time we did half the project pro bono…

all that's left to say is good luck!