Ofaimme – food brand

It didn’t take long to understand that Ofaimme farm’s message is “traditional manual labor” – there organic goat cheese and quality farm products our produced with old world technologies, in a traditional way, at there own time. What’s slower is better says time and again Heday Ofaimme, one of the brand owners.

Like always, we went for the brands truth, we detected its true power and went all the way with it.
19th century French retro drawings, pioneer colors and fonts and packages that are hand packed came together into a rich broad brand, one that can keep evolving way beyond its ten departments, and always always speak for the accurate and meticulous farm work.

Ofaimme farm has 2 shops; the first one is in a bakery on 88 ha’chshmonaim st. tel aviv. The other store opened recently at Reviva and Sylia at the YOU building, Tel aviv. we recently designed a website for them so if you are not around a store you can order online.