TEDx Jerusalem 2012

TED is a platform for promoting messages from the fields of art, science, design and technology.
It is a very popular website for spreading ideas through lecturers. www.ted.com the website holds conventions hosting the greatest minds in the world giving 18 minute lectures. The successful ones have millions of hits.

TEDx is a franchise of the TED brand. When we were approached by the organizers of TEDx Jerusalem 2012 we felt very proud to be a part of such a special and international event. We looked for a main image that will represent the convention, be enigmatic enough and create interest through its story. After a number of brain storming sessions we came up with the idea of the Jerusalem artichoke. Why? Because it is not an artichoke (it’s a sunflower root) and it is not from Jerusalem (it sounds like the word ‘jirasol’ sun or sunflower in Italian.)

It was exactly what we needed – the tizer was so interesting, it created a buzz and the place was completely full.