Kitchenware Brand

Grātue is a home-ware and kitchenware brand. Behind it stands a real and loving family, which was able to translate its values of unconditional giving to a collection of premium kitchenware items. Objects of everyday use that you would happily give to your loved ones, or even yourself.

Our first task was to find a name for such a brand.
After numerous brain-storms we came up with the name Grātue, which derives from a Latin word "grātulor", meaning "wishing someone joy". It reminds of the words "grateful" and "gratitude" and of course the Italian word "grazie" meaning "thank you".

Up until now we designed over 40 packages for home-ware and kitchenware items. The values that gave us inspiration were: quality, user experience, internationalization (European with a hint of Italy).
Today the brand is marketed to about a 1000 chosen shops across Israel.
Right now we are working on the brands shopping website