Beit Shmuel

Beit shmual is a Jerusalem culture center, which holds under one roof a number of different activities: shows, courses, tours, events, convention and a hotel. In the past there was no connection between the different fields.

A few years ago they approached us in order to undergo a branding process. after a strategic process lead by Nir Elad we understood what made beit shmual unique. The biggest breakthrough is related to the fact that there are many different things- under one roof.

In this way each activity exposes the audience to the rest of the activities beit shmual offers. If you were at a concert you know that there are courses, if you stayed at the hotel you know there are tours etc. for every publication of one of the departments a graphic signature we created will appear- showing all the other departments as well.

Values like home, belonging and culture set the tone for the brand language.

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