What is branding and why the hell do you need it?

Every product has to pass two important tests:

The first is the shelf test the first time you see it – it has to stand out, be familiar, and convey trust. It can be a product among other products in the supermarket or it can be a store among many stores in the market, it can be a web site between other websites on a Google page.
There is something that makes us trust and connect with certain brands or messages and with others not. If you heard about a certain product from someone (that someone can be a radio jingle) and you saw it in the supermarket, it is naturally more familiar to you then the product next to it, and that makes you trust it.
Funny, but that is how we make our way through the many different messages and sales offers in our world. We make quick decisions based on our gut instinct and small bits of information.
Isn’t it true that the confidence of knowing you are choosing the best option is worth a lot to you?
You will be willing to pay a higher price for the recommended shampoo, drive another half hour in traffic for those diapers that absorb all night or ask your mother-in-law, who’s just coming back from the states, to bring your son the real Lego set, and not a knockoff, even though you know she wont be happy to.
So how do you create a reassuring, credible image for a product, company, person or service? One that will make people choose it over the other options? An image that will make it pass the first test and continue to the second one.

The second test is at home when you try that expensive shampoo. Does it feel good? Does the bottle open easily? Does it smell nice? Does your hair look better the next day? Were you complemented on the way you look? If the answer to these questions is “yes” – you will buy that same shampoo again. You will naturally look for the same shampoo next time your at the store, because we all are basically conservative customers.

If the second test fails, if one of the things described doesn’t happen you will be disappointed and never use that product again. Moreover, you will probably warn other people not to buy it either.

Back to our leading question

Accurate branding helps the brand convey trust! So it will be chosen among all other offers. Accurate branding creates distinction and differentiation for your product. So people will believe it has something no other product has. So it will easily pass the first test.

why do you need branding?

• Because people have to many choices but not enough time
• Because most services/products have the similar qualities
• Because we tend to purchase based on trust

This is our job. We will help you win the battle over the peoples trust. We will make your brand send out your message, what you want your audience to think of it, it will communicate with your potential and existing costumers in a way that will strengthen their belief that you or your brand are irreplaceable!


So how does the process work?

It has a few steps:
1. Research and analysis
2. Forming a strategy
3. Refinement and definition of messages
4. Forming the brands language
5. Implementation
6. Support and supervision

We accompany the client all the way: from understanding the brands advantages and choosing the right strategy, through the creation of a unique visual system and media usage plan – in order to define a clear visual message, uniform and unique, that will be the base for any activity related to the brand image.

We will provide you with tools for marketing and professional conduct that will save you money on marketing and advertisement and enlarge your profits in a steady way, for a long long time.

We invite you to take part in a complex but fascinating process in which we will identify your unique qualities and values, and with those we will communicate with your client in a consistent and clear way. Communicating in this way will lead to a quick and easy identification of your product over other competing ones.

One of the major objectives of the process is that you (your product/service etc.) will be perceived by your audience as irreplaceable.

stage 1

Have your Say!
Research/product analysis
This stage is the platform to our future work, we will understand the product/service, who are the people behind it, what are the advantages, we will define the consumer’s expectations (SWOT).

stage 2

What Do you Say?
Forming a strategy
After receiving the conclusions of the analysis we will identify opportunity, define core values for the company and form a strategy. What is the message we are sending the client? and what is the next opportunity?

stage 3

How do you Say it verbally?
Refinement and definition of messages
This stage will be about translating the marketing conclusions into an accurate verbal marketing terminology.

stage 4

How do you Say it visually?
Forming the brands language
Expressing the marketing messages in an effective graphic way, that summarizes and differentiates the brand (visible characteristics of the brand’s identity).

stage 5

Where do you Say it?
Development of the brand experience – using the five senses.

stage 6

When do you Say it?
At this stage we will find the Effective advertising channels for you.

analyze. understand. aim. change. implement.

• Analyze: Interviews / who we are (market analysis) / target groups / products and services
• Understand: Conclusion analysis / detection of opportunity / defining your values
• Aim: The strategy – what are we saying? how are we saying it? (our worldview conveyed to our customers)
• Change: The visual signs according to our statement
• Implement: Marketing communication with a clear visual message, consistent and differentiated, at all points of interface with the customer

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